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Stop Antisemitism Colorado is dedicated to combating the egregious rise in antisemitism in our current political discourse. Our mission is to identify and call out antisemitic language and incidents, foster understanding and awareness of its impact on the Jewish community, advocate for responsible media representation, cultivate alliances, and actively oppose legislation that poses harm to the Jewish community. Through education and advocacy, we strive to empower individuals to recognize and combat Jewish hate and biases in all forms.

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We envision a Colorado where antisemitism is unequivocally condemned, and where communities stand united against any form of discrimination towards the Jewish people. Stop Antisemitism Colorado aspires to create a society where our leaders recognize antisemitism as an existential threat, actively opposing individuals or legislation that perpetuate hate and intimidation. By educating diverse groups and elected officials, exposing antisemitic language and actions, and holding leaders accountable, we aim to build a Colorado that upholds the values of tolerance, inclusivity, and respect for all its residents.



We are political activists, community leaders, faith leaders, parents, and students. We are Jews and allies, united in the common purpose of fighting antisemitsm in all forms.

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