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The October 7th Hamas terrorist attack on Israel unleashed an appalling rise in antisemitic incidents and speech in the United States. Here in Colorado, hateful and harmful statements from individual elected officials and political organizations are undermining our shared values and perpetuating the very marginalization and “othering” we have worked so hard to combat. This toxic hate has seeped into our public discourse and political process, resulting in a rare unification of the far right and the far left when it comes to hatred of Jews. We will not be silenced. We cannot be erased. We will call out those who are spreading disinformation and harmful rhetoric against the Jewish people and using the Israel-Hamas war to espouse or justify antisemitism. 

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Stop Antisemitism Colorado was founded to address the egregious rise in antisemitism in our political discourse. We aim to identify and call out antisemitic language and incidents, foster understanding and awareness of the impact on the Jewish community, advocate for responsible media representation, cultivate alliances, and actively oppose legislation that poses harm to the Jewish community. Through education and advocacy, we strive to empower individuals to recognize and combat Jewish hate and biases in all forms.

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